Frugal Finds Friday – July 31, 2015

Welcome to another Frugal Finds Friday!! I feel like I hit the motherlode this week! I stopped into Michael’s to pick up some Velcro (only Velcro) and while I did walk out with the Velcro I also walked out with a lot more!!

Michael’s had a bunch of fun summer stuff on clearance for 60% off when I was there so I picked up a few items I thought we would have fun with!

Let’s take a look at what I found this week:

 I found these super cute foam butterflies and flowers that will be perfect for working on patterns with Soph and sorting colors with Jack. I also plan to punch a few holes in some of them so we can use them as lacing cards. These came out to $3.59 a pack after the discount!


While not included in the summer clearance sale I did have a 50% off coupon for these foam stars making them $4.49 so I picked them up as well. We will use these in much the same way as we will the butterflies and flowers. These we might also decorate just for fun!


I was able to pick up these bags of plastic lacing for $2.39 each and they will be great to use with the foam shapes I picked up for some lacing practice.

These paper fan animals were one of those “we really don’t need this” kind of items but for $3.59 I couldn’t resist. I think the kids will have a blast making them and for that price if they don’t last long I’m ok with that!

These little guys also fall in the “too cute to pass up” category! Again, not something we need but just something to make for fun. These were $1.19 each after the discount making them a cheap fun find that I think the kids will really enjoy!

Pool noodles are always a win! They can be used for so many different things and at $.79 a piece I couldn’t pass them up. My plan is to cut them up and again use them for patterns, color sorting and also lacing activities. I am sure we will come up with some other ideas as well.


Of course they had to get me one last time before I got out the door with these hand soaps, while not for the kids they were still a great find I wanted to share. These beauties were $1.50 each and had a BOGO sale! That’s right, 2 soaps for $1.50!!

Another successful trip if I do say so myself. There should be enough here to keep the kids entertained for quite some time and it didn’t cost a lot!
What kind of frugal finds did you pick up this week? Let me know below, comment on Facebook or tweet me!
Until next time!

Peakle Pie

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2 thoughts on “Frugal Finds Friday – July 31, 2015

  1. HappyFamily August 1, 2015 at 9:26 AM Reply

    Great finds. Michael’s is such a dangerous store for me.


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