More Fun With The Letter S

Welcome back!!

It has been a while since we have shared some of our letter learning with you and so today I thought I would share with you the way we rounded out our work on the letter S.

I found two small square shipping boxes for around $.49 a piece at the store (you could use these Photo Stacking Blocks) and used one of them to make a  “die” for the Roll and Race game we found in the Learning the Alphabet – Letter S pack from This Reading Mama . We started by printing out the upper and lower case S pieces needed for the game and Soph cut those out for us (again, Soph loves her scissors) and I cut out the upper and lower case S cards that made up each side of the die and taped each on to the sides of the cube. Lastly, we printed out the game board and we were ready to go. The idea of the game is to roll the die and see if the lower case or the upper case S’s make it to the top of the ladder first! We spread the game pieces out on the table and the kids took turns rolling the die. I had Soph tell me if the S that was rolled was upper case or lower case and then had her find the matching S in the pile of game pieces and add it to the appropriate ladder and we kept going. The upper case S won this time around and both of the kids really had a fun time with this game.

Soph Roll and GraphJack Roll and Graph

Next up it was time to head outside and take a hint from Creative Family Fun and have some Silly Races! It wasn’t so much a race as Jack decided he would rather explore on his own rather than race his sister so it was Soph pretty much running at me as fast as she could and I would shout out different things for her to do. We ran with our hands on our head, arms out like and airplane, we hopped on one foot and lot of other silly fun things! She had a blast and it helped to get some of the excess energy out right before nap time.

Silly Races

After nap time we had a couple more activities we wanted to do. We played another game using our homemade dice also from the Learning the Alphabet – Letter S. We played the Roll a Letter Sound game. We printed off two copies of each picture and used the two mailing boxes to make a matching set of dice. I gave one to each of the kids and let them roll their die. We started each time with Jack telling me whether the two pictures matched or not. Soph could then say each word and start to recognize that they all had the same beginning sound. We only played this game for a few minutes before the boxes became building blocks and the kids had fun stacking them and knocking them down.

Both Stacking Cubes

We finished off our work on the letter S with a Soft Animal Toss that I saw over at Learn with Play at Home. Soph has a giant bin of stuffed animals so we set the empty bin at one end of the room and placed the animals at the other. I then had them each grab an animal and stand close to the bin and throw it in. Each time they threw an animal and made it in the bin they took a step back and had to throw it a little farther. This was great for their gross motor developement and they really had a blast! It was a great way to finish up our work on the letter S.

Both Soft Animal Toss

Next up is the letter O and we can’t wait to share our fun with you next time!

What fun things do you do with your children to help them learn their letters? I am always looking for ideas so please comment below or find me over on Facebook or Twitter!

Until next time!

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