Learning the Alphabet – Letter O

Both Letter O Coloring

Next up on our journey through the alphabet is the letter O. We are starting with the letters used in each of the kids names since they are already sort of familiar with them and will hopefully make this more organized approach to learning their letters a little less overwhelming. Truth be told this week, Soph wasn’t really feeling it so this should be a short post!! We never push the organized learning on the kids and when they say they are done we are done. I feel like this is important so we don’t burn them out and they see learning as something fun not a chore.

We started with the “Cover the Number” dot sticker sheet from This Reading Mama’s Learning the Alphabet – Letter O pack. I loved this sheet because each spot on the sheet for a dot sticker is numbered 1-10 so I had Soph start by identifying the number “1” and place a sticker on it then moved on to the number 2 and so on until we had them all covered. This allowed us to work on her being able to recognize a number when she sees it. Soph loved this activity and was super excited when she got one right on the first try. Once she was finished putting the stickers on she of course wanted to cut around the edges of the paper so we got some good scissor practice in as well. Two birds, one stone! I love it!

Soph Letter O Dot Sticker

Next up was good ol’ fashioned coloring! I grabbed a coloring page from the Learning the Alphabet Letter O pack and set both kids down with some crayons. This kept them busy for a few minutes before Jack wandered off to do something else.

Soph Letter O Coloring

For Soph it was back to more cutting as we did the cut and paste on the letter O activity. She had a great time cutting out each picture and pasting it to the letter O. As she was cutting and pasting we went over the name for each picture and talked about how they all have the same beginning sound which is the sound the letter O makes.

Soph Letter O

Lastly, we pulled out Soph’s Preschool readiness workbook (this one is similar to the one we have:Big Preschool Workbook). I picked out a couple different sheets focusing on the letter O but we only got through the “What Starts with the Letter O” coloring page before she was done for the day. She did have a great time coloring and going over the beginning sounds for each picture again reinforcing that they all have the same beginning sound.

Sophie Coloring O

Overall, I think we had a successful time with the Letter O and can’t wait to share some more of our letter work with you.

How are you teaching your kids the alphabet? I am always looking for new ideas. Please share below or find me over on Facebook or Twitter.

Until next time!

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