Books We Are Reading This Week – August 26, 2015

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Welcome to another Wednesday! I decided to expand on yesterday’s post about my decision to start my own business and become an Independent Barefoot Books Ambassador and share with you my family’s five favorite books in the Barefoot Books Library.

Soph’s favorite is Animal Boogie. This is one of Barefoot Books AMAZING singalongs. We boogie along with other children through an Indian jungle and learn all sorts of actions we can do along with the animals. I love when the kids act out the story. They stomp with the elephant, shake like the bear and slither like snake. I also love the creativity and imagination it brings out in Soph and Jack. Soph has come up with many of her own verses and will randomly sing them along with the chorus throughout the day. Each story comes with a CD featuring an audio track and an animated video great for impromptu dance parties!

The Gigantic Turnip is a sentimental favorite of mine. This is the first Barefoot Books book that I ever got my hands on and read. This is a fun, humorous tale of an old man, an old woman and ALL the animals on the farm working together to try to harvest a particularly big turnip! It is great to work on counting with your child and the rhyming and repetitive text really keeps the kids engaged through the whole story.

The Boy Who Grew Flowers is a great story all about accepting people for who they are. It is the story of a boy who grows flowers all over his body every time there is a full moon. He meets a young girl with her own secret and they discover ways that they can help each other. It is such a great message to teach our kids. We love this one in our house!

I Took the Moon for a Walk is a magical bedtime story about a boy who imagines taking the moon for a walk. I love the lyrical text and the illustrations are just beautiful. If you look closely you will notice the moon’s red shoes and if you watch them throughout the story you will notice a little story within a story revolving around the moon’s shoes. The end of the book features some great educational end notes about the different phases of the moon and some information on nocturnal animals. Soph and Jack both really enjoyed this story.

Lastly, Mama Panya’s Pancakes is a heartwarming story all about the importance of sharing, even when you don’t have much to give. This was a really great lesson that I was happy to share with my own children. This one takes place in Kenya and this one also includes some great end notes at the end of the story. Children can learn about the culture, people and animals of Kenya!

What are you reading this week? Let me know in the comments below or find me over on Facebook or Twitter!

Until next time!

This post contains affiliate links. As an Independent Barefoot Books Ambassador I will receive a commission from any sales made from these links.


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