Books We Are Reading This Week – September 23, 2015

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Welcome back to another look at what we are reading this week! We were out of town the last half of last week and didn’t have a chance to get to the library so we have turned to our own books this week for story time and am looking forward to sharing some more of our favorites with you.

We really enjoy The Barefoot Book of Pirates by Richard Walker. This is a great collection of pirate stories from around the world. There are stories from Germany, Ireland and Japan just to name a few. They are full of swashbuckling adventure and my two pirate lovers loved reading these stories (I don’t think Soph has paid so much attention to a story in a long time but even with Jack jumping all over her while Dad was reading she was laser focused on the story). Kids will meet everyone from fierce characters to friendly and funny ones. These classic stories were specifically written for a younger audience and are perfect for reading aloud.

Gearing up for Halloween we pulled out Tales of Mystery and Magic. This is another collection of seven stories from around the world. There are Indian, Chilean, Inuit, Seneca, Scottish, Russian and West African stories included in this anthology of all things mysterious and spooky. I love this book because it is a safe way to introduce spooky stories to younger kids. I will say though that you need to know your kids for this one. If you have a child that is easily frightened I might hold off on this one, but it is a great way to open up a dialog about things that kids might find frightening.

The Real Princess: A Mathmagical Tale is one of my favorite books to read to the kids. It takes the classic “The Princess and the Pea” and adds a little math twist to it. The King, Queen and their three sons are in search of The “Real” Princess but there is a little secret that only the queen knows. This is another fun one we love rereading. There is also a fun little game in the back of the book that can test counting skills.

I am a big fan of the Ruby series and Ruby’s School Walk is no exception. Ruby is a young girl with quite the imagination! She imagines all sorts of trouble and scary things on her walk to school each day. Everything from a tiger ready to pounce to all sorts of creatures lurking in the shadows. It is a great way to start a conversation about being brave and overcoming your fears.

Star Seeker: A Journey to Outer Space is my favorite book that we read this week. I have always been a fan of space and this is a beautifully illustrated book that uses poetic rhyming text to give an introduction to outer space. We follow two children on a wonderful journey through the stars and planets. I especially love the end notes included in this book that have great facts about constellations, planets and many other things that can be found in space.

So those are the books we are reading this week. What are you reading this week? Let me know in the comments below or over on Twitter and Facebook.

Until next time!

Full Disclosure: I am an Independent Barefoot Books Ambassador and would make a commission on any books sold through the links in this post. 


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