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Apples, Apples Everywhere!!

Apple Tree

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I LOVE Fall! It is by far my favorite season. I love the colors, the temperature, the fashion, I love it all! In our family we signal the start of Fall with a trip to the apple orchard. So in honor of our upcoming trip to the apple orchard I thought I would share with you a few of the fun apple activities we have planned to help us get geared up for the trip!

We are huge fans of Do-a-Dot Sheets at our house. They are great for using Dot Markers (which the kids love) or using stickers which are always a big hit. I love the ones I found in the A is for Apple Preschool Worksheets over at Crystal & Co.

I love the pattern template and cards found in A Teaching Mommy’s Apple Preschool Pack.

Since we have been all about the play dough lately we will be trying this homemade apple scented play dough recipe I found when visiting The Preschool Toolbox.

I love some good messy fun so I am super excited to pull out the paints and cinnamon and do some painting. I found this idea over at From ABCs to ACTs.

I am so excited to try the Erupting Apple experiment I found over at Little Bins for Little Hands! Everything you need for this fun example of a chemical reaction can probably be found in your home. It’s super simple, fun and easy to put together!

I love these Apple Number Puzzles from Totschooling. They are a super clever and cute way to work on counting, number recognition, and one-to-one correspondence.

Apple Stamping is a super easy and fun way to really spice up painting time. I found this idea over at Teaching Mama. The kids have such a good time using unconventional tools to paint! They love to paint anyway but when we can use something unique and that we already have around the house it is even better!


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If you are looking for some great books that go with all things apples here are a few of our favorites:

Ten Apples Up On Top!

Apples for Everyone

Apple Farmer Annie

How Do Apples Grow?

Johnny Appleseed


I would love to know if you give any of these ideas a try! Let me know below or comment over on Facebook or Twitter!

Until next time!

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Learning the Alphabet – Letter O

Both Letter O Coloring

Next up on our journey through the alphabet is the letter O. We are starting with the letters used in each of the kids names since they are already sort of familiar with them and will hopefully make this more organized approach to learning their letters a little less overwhelming. Truth be told this week, Soph wasn’t really feeling it so this should be a short post!! We never push the organized learning on the kids and when they say they are done we are done. I feel like this is important so we don’t burn them out and they see learning as something fun not a chore.

We started with the “Cover the Number” dot sticker sheet from This Reading Mama’s Learning the Alphabet – Letter O pack. I loved this sheet because each spot on the sheet for a dot sticker is numbered 1-10 so I had Soph start by identifying the number “1” and place a sticker on it then moved on to the number 2 and so on until we had them all covered. This allowed us to work on her being able to recognize a number when she sees it. Soph loved this activity and was super excited when she got one right on the first try. Once she was finished putting the stickers on she of course wanted to cut around the edges of the paper so we got some good scissor practice in as well. Two birds, one stone! I love it!

Soph Letter O Dot Sticker

Next up was good ol’ fashioned coloring! I grabbed a coloring page from the Learning the Alphabet Letter O pack and set both kids down with some crayons. This kept them busy for a few minutes before Jack wandered off to do something else.

Soph Letter O Coloring

For Soph it was back to more cutting as we did the cut and paste on the letter O activity. She had a great time cutting out each picture and pasting it to the letter O. As she was cutting and pasting we went over the name for each picture and talked about how they all have the same beginning sound which is the sound the letter O makes.

Soph Letter O

Lastly, we pulled out Soph’s Preschool readiness workbook (this one is similar to the one we have:Big Preschool Workbook). I picked out a couple different sheets focusing on the letter O but we only got through the “What Starts with the Letter O” coloring page before she was done for the day. She did have a great time coloring and going over the beginning sounds for each picture again reinforcing that they all have the same beginning sound.

Sophie Coloring O

Overall, I think we had a successful time with the Letter O and can’t wait to share some more of our letter work with you.

How are you teaching your kids the alphabet? I am always looking for new ideas. Please share below or find me over on Facebook or Twitter.

Until next time!

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More Fun With The Letter S

Welcome back!!

It has been a while since we have shared some of our letter learning with you and so today I thought I would share with you the way we rounded out our work on the letter S.

I found two small square shipping boxes for around $.49 a piece at the store (you could use these Photo Stacking Blocks) and used one of them to make a  “die” for the Roll and Race game we found in the Learning the Alphabet – Letter S pack from This Reading Mama . We started by printing out the upper and lower case S pieces needed for the game and Soph cut those out for us (again, Soph loves her scissors) and I cut out the upper and lower case S cards that made up each side of the die and taped each on to the sides of the cube. Lastly, we printed out the game board and we were ready to go. The idea of the game is to roll the die and see if the lower case or the upper case S’s make it to the top of the ladder first! We spread the game pieces out on the table and the kids took turns rolling the die. I had Soph tell me if the S that was rolled was upper case or lower case and then had her find the matching S in the pile of game pieces and add it to the appropriate ladder and we kept going. The upper case S won this time around and both of the kids really had a fun time with this game.

Soph Roll and GraphJack Roll and Graph

Next up it was time to head outside and take a hint from Creative Family Fun and have some Silly Races! It wasn’t so much a race as Jack decided he would rather explore on his own rather than race his sister so it was Soph pretty much running at me as fast as she could and I would shout out different things for her to do. We ran with our hands on our head, arms out like and airplane, we hopped on one foot and lot of other silly fun things! She had a blast and it helped to get some of the excess energy out right before nap time.

Silly Races

After nap time we had a couple more activities we wanted to do. We played another game using our homemade dice also from the Learning the Alphabet – Letter S. We played the Roll a Letter Sound game. We printed off two copies of each picture and used the two mailing boxes to make a matching set of dice. I gave one to each of the kids and let them roll their die. We started each time with Jack telling me whether the two pictures matched or not. Soph could then say each word and start to recognize that they all had the same beginning sound. We only played this game for a few minutes before the boxes became building blocks and the kids had fun stacking them and knocking them down.

Both Stacking Cubes

We finished off our work on the letter S with a Soft Animal Toss that I saw over at Learn with Play at Home. Soph has a giant bin of stuffed animals so we set the empty bin at one end of the room and placed the animals at the other. I then had them each grab an animal and stand close to the bin and throw it in. Each time they threw an animal and made it in the bin they took a step back and had to throw it a little farther. This was great for their gross motor developement and they really had a blast! It was a great way to finish up our work on the letter S.

Both Soft Animal Toss

Next up is the letter O and we can’t wait to share our fun with you next time!

What fun things do you do with your children to help them learn their letters? I am always looking for ideas so please comment below or find me over on Facebook or Twitter!

Until next time!

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Learning the Alphabet – Letter S

Full Letter S

Hello!! Soph has had the alphabet memorized for quite some time and can recognize a few letters but I have really wanted to start working with her on a consistent basis on recognizing letters and their sounds and so it’s now a priority and I have decided to spend some time each day with her focusing on one letter at a time.

We decided to start with the letter S since it is a familiar letter to her. We also had Jack join in on the fun as well!

I spent some time printing out some great activities for us to do and laminating some of the pieces with my Scotch Thermal Laminator to make them more durable so we can reuse them.

I set everything out on the table for her to check out and decide where to start.

Soph Letter S
Jack Letter S

Soph decided to start with the S is for Submarine dot sticker page that I found over at The Measured Mom. I had set out some dot stickers that I had picked up at the store but she ran in her own room and found some of her own stickers to use. She had a great time picking out the perfect stickers and placing them on the page. I had set Jack up with a coloring page and helped him trace the S while going over the sound that the letter S makes and some words that begin with the letter S with both of them.

Soph S Cutting 2

Soph Letter S Beginning Sound 2

Jack S Tape

Soph has been all about learning to use scissors for some time now so once she was done with her dot sticker page she was ready to move onto her cut and paste activity. We used the cut and paste activity I had found over at This Reading Mama. Most of our printables this week came from her “Learning the Alphabet” printable pack for the letter S. Soph really enjoyed cutting out each of the pictures for both her and her brother. It was at that point that I realized we were out of glue so tape would have to do! I placed a small piece of tape on the back of each picture and they could tape it to their letter S (or themselves as Jack decided to do!). We took the time to say the name of each picture out loud so we could focus on how all the pictures had the same beginning sound.

Soph Letter S Playdough

I had laminated the S tracing sheet from This Reading Mama so we could reuse it for practice from here on out but it very quickly became a play dough mat. Both kids have gotten really into play dough in the last month or so and we spent a good 30 to 40 minutes making “sugar cookies” out of play dough!

ABC Mouse

We finished off the day’s activities with a little bit of screen time. She hopped on We have been using this for a couple of months now and she really enjoys it. I like that it introduces her to a lot of different subjects and it does it in a way that she finds fun and engaging.

We will continue working this week on the letter S and hopefully I can share some of those activities with you next time. Overall I think it went really well. It was nice to have a structured set of things to do. We did each activity until they were ready to move on. Sometimes we took breaks in between activities so they wouldn’t get overwhelmed.

Are you working on letter recognition with your children? I am always looking for new ideas so please share them below or leave a comment on Facebook or let me know on Twitter.

Have a great day!!

Here are just a few of the other items that we use at home to work on letter recognition and beginning letter sounds with the kids:

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